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J.L.'s Team



I have found that traveling the tour is a team sport. I do my best when I surround myself with a team that promotes me being as successful as I can. This team includes family, caddie, travel agent, business manager, golf coach, mental coach, nutritionist, and sponsors. - J.L. Lewis



Management Team

Dawn Lewis, President and Business Manager, J.L. Sports, LLC.
Sherry Lewis, Communications Director, J.L. Sports, LLC



Golf Team


Caddie: Cole Lewis

Cole Lewis is the son of J.L. and Dawn Lewis.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Texas State University.  He is a Realtor in the State of Texas.  Cole caddied for J.L. on the PGA TOUR.  He also caddied for a few years while he was being homeschooled in his teens.  J.L. and Cole have spent many an hour practicing and playing golf together.  Cole and J.L. get along very well and make a great team.  The inspiration for “Golf Tips from the Tour” sprang forth from a birthday gift to Cole – a golf tip a day for a year to assist Cole in improving his golf game to the Professional level.

Currently I am fortunate enough to have my son, Cole caddie for me.  Cole is a very knowledgeable caddie with a lot of experience, and is a good golfer.  We play a lot of golf together, which has allowed Cole to have a good eye for my golf swing.  He is very helpful with club selection and green reading.  It is great to be able to share these experiences together. “ –J.L. Lewis

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Instructor: Bill Moretti

Bill Moretti is the founder of The Academy of Golf Dynamics.  Bill is a Class A Professional who is recognized as one of the foremost authorities of the golf swing. His concise, innovative and effective teaching techniques make him a popular speaker at national PGA conferences; a featured instructor on the Fox Sports Southwest Channel and the Golf Channel; and a regular contributor to Golf Magazine, Golf Illustrated, North Texas Golfer and Gulf Coast Golfer.  Bill has been J.L.’s golf instructor for over 15 years.  They have built a relationship of trust and J.L. can rely on Bill to quickly correct his swing whenever he needs it, even if it is over the phone.


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Golfers expend several hours of physical and mental energy in order to play 18 golf holes. In order to be mentally and physically able to perform at an optimum level it is essential to have adequate nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

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Physical Trainer


Being in good physical condition is essential to playing your best golf. J.L. has a routine that includes strength training, stretching, yoga and aerobics. He has used many trainers throughout his career.  Each has made a valuable contribution to J.L.’s training program.  J.L. now uses a program that incorporates information he has learned from each of these trainers.

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Physical Therapist


Consistent visits to therapist can be very beneficial for a professional athlete.  J.L. has worked with physical therapists on a regular basis for optimum physical ability and injury  repair and prevention.

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Mental Coach


The mental game is one of the most important parts of the golf game. It's imperative to be strong mentally in order to score your best. There are many paths for becoming mentally powerful. We have interviewed some of the top mental coaches in the country to give you some options to explore. J.L. Lewis has worked with many mental coaches over the years and has learned something from each one. We have interviewed J.L. to get his insights to his mental game and have complimented his insights with some views from the top mental coaches in the country. Each mental coach has a gift to give. Choose the ideas that work the best for you.

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Our Fans


To all of those who follow and continue to support the game of golf we give many thanks. To all of our family, friends, and fans, thank you for your words of encouragement and positive thoughts. My success as a golfer and the success of J.L. Lewis Golf Tips would not be possible without you. Again, thank you. Dawn and I look forward to seeing on the course! – J.L. Lewis


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J.L. Lewis and Cole Lewis