Insights: Tour Q-School


Interview with PGA Golfer Wes Short, Jr.


November 2009



Wes Short

Wes Short, Jr. began golfing at a young age. Wes became a professional golfer in 1987. He worked as a club pro in the Austin at Berry Creek Country Club and Forest Creek Golf Club with J.L. Lewis before becoming a touring pro in 1997. He has been playing on the PGA TOUR since 2005. His first win came in 2005 at the Michelin Championship at Las Vegas, when he defeated Jim Furyk at the second hole in a sudden-death playoff.



Q: Tell us a little about tour Q-school and what it means to you. 


A: Tour Q-School is a hard grind in which the next year’s livelihood depends on. If you get through the grind you get to tee it up with the best players in the world.



Q: Will you be in tour Q-school this year? 


A: No



Q: How many years have you played on the PGA TOUR?  How many years have you played in Q-school?


A: I’ve played four partial years and been to Tour Q-School 12 times.



Q: How do the results of this tournament affect your golf career?


A: If you don't succeed you're playing mini tours the next year and not for much money.



Q: When playing in a tournament which determines so much, what helps you to stay calm and focused?


A: It helps to have a distraction like going to the movies. Also, don't over-practice; Tour Q-School is a long week. Get plenty of rest.



Q: What is the biggest challenge you must overcome when competing in tour Q-school? 


A: The biggest challenge is to control your MIND and not let it think about the future. Play one hole at a time. You already know it’s the biggest tournament of the year and it happens only once a year.


Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring golfer who dreams of playing golf for a living?


A: Have a good team around you, including a teacher, trainer, sports doctor and sports psychologist. Also play in as many tournaments as you can to prepare for competition.



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