Insights: PGA TOUR Q-School


Interview with PGA Golfer Omar Uresti


November 2009



Omar Uresti

Omar Uresti was born in Austin, Texas and continues to live there today. He attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated in 1991. He turned professional immediately after graduating. Uresti has two wins on the Nationwide Tour, and has a career best of third place on the PGA TOUR. He says his biggest accomplishment as a golfer was getting eight consecutive birdies in a row on the Nationwide Tour in one round, which is a record.



Q: Tell us a little about tour Q-school and what it means to you. 


A: It means six rounds of grueling golf. 



Q: Will you be in Tour Q-school this year? 


A: As of right now, I am going to the second stage, so this year it will be ten rounds of grueling golf. It is rewarded if you play well by either getting your PGA TOUR card or Nationwide status.



Q: Which course will you be playing? 


A: Deerwood Golf Club in Kingwood, Texas.



Q: How many years have you played on the PGA TOUR?  How many years have you played in Q-school?


A: I've played on the PGA TOUR for 11 years. I've been to Tour Q-School 14 years.  All except the first year that I ever went to Tour Q-School, I’ve had status to play the Nationwide or PGA TOUR.



Q: How do the results of this tournament affect your golf career?


A: The results will affect my golf career by letting me have a place to play the following year.



Q: What is the biggest challenge you must overcome when competing in tour Q-school? 


A: After a while I've almost gotten used to it and succumbed to it, I’ve been there so many times now. There’s still pressure I put on myself that can get my emotions working too much in the wrong direction. I try to see movies in the afternoon to get mind off the round.



Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring golfer who dreams of playing golf for a living?


A: Try and enjoy the process as much as possible. You’re going to put pressure on yourself and feel the pressure from everybody else at Tour Q-School.  Try to ignore it and do your own thing, do whatever makes you the most comfortable.



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