Insights: PGA TOUR Q-School


Interview with PGA Golfer J.L. Lewis


November 2009



J.L. Lewis

J.L. Lewis became a professional golfer in 1984. In 1994, J.L. was a member of the PGA Cup team; he led the Americans to a victory over the Europeans by making a 50-foot putt on the last hole of the competition. He rejoined the PGA TOUR in 1995. J.L. has won twice on the PGA TOUR: the John Deere Classic in 1999, and the 84 Lumber Classic in 2003.




Q: Tell us a little about TOUR Q-school and what it means to you. 


A: Qualifying school is the ultimate in needing to play well at the specific time.  Its simple – play well and get through or play poorly and go home. 



Q: Will you be in TOUR Q-school this year? 


A: Yes. I’m 49 so this will be my last attempt at the PGA TOUR. 



Q: What stage are you playing in?  Which course? 


A: 2nd Stage, Deerwood Golf Club in Kingwood, Texas, and then finals.



Q: How many years have you played on the PGA TOUR?  How many years have you played in Q-school?


A: I’ve played on the PGA TOUR 15 years.  I’ve been to Tour Q-School at least nine times.



Q: How do the results of this tournament affect your golf career?


A: The results determine your opportunities for the next year and depending on how you play possibly the next several years. 



Q: When playing in a tournament which determines so much, what helps you to stay calm and focused?


A: Experience, realizing the world won’t end if I do or don’t qualify.



Q: What is the biggest challenge you must overcome when competing in tour Q-school? 


A: That’s easy.  Myself.  It’s all about playing at or near your potential. There’s a big difference between trying hard and playing up to your potential. 



Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring golfer who dreams of playing golf for a living?


A: Choose the correct mentors. Make correct choices on and off the course, hang out with people you respect and admire, practice inside 100 yards 75% of the time, stay in shape, and work on your mind as much as you work on your golf game. Learn from failure but don’t let failure affect your inner drive to succeed. Always strive to get better each day. Learn to be calm at all times in all situations.  Enjoy the moment. Choose a partner who is totally supportive of the tour and the lifestyle.  Good luck.



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