Insights: PGA TOUR Q-School


Interviews with PGA Golfers


November 2009



Qualifying school for the PGA and Nationwide Tour occurs every year towards the end of the golf season. Q-School begins in September with the pre-qualifying stage for first time contenders qualifying for a chance to compete in Tour School.  The first stage of PGA TOUR Qualifying School begins in October, a 4 round qualifier held at 11 qualifying sites around the country. The second stage of Q-School is a four round tournament held in November at six qualifying sites. Roughly the top 20 players and ties from the second stage advance to the final stage of Tour School, a six round event which will be held at Bear Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida the first week in December.  The top 25 players and ties from the final stage receive their PGA TOUR membership cards for the following year.


We have interviewed six PGA golfers, all of which have played in the final stage of Tour Q-School. J.L. Lewis, Jhonattan Vegas, David Gossett, Gabe Reynolds, Wes Short, Jr. and Omar Uresti give us their insights as to what it takes to succeed in Tour Q-School, mentally and physically.



Q: How do the results of this tournament affect your golf career?David Gossett


David Gossett: If I make it, I will be on the PGA TOUR the next year.  There is so much heat and drama built up around Q-school, but though it is nice to have status, coming from my stand point, it will either give me status the rest of the year, or, if I don’t make it, then I will get it another way. It is not a make or break thing, it just decides your status initially for the next 12 months. Read David Gossett's full interview.



Jhonattan Vegas

Jhonattan Vegas: It doesn’t affect it too much. I see Q-school as just an opportunity to reach to my goal, which is to get to the PGA TOUR. So, if I don’t achieve it, I try to find other ways to reach my goal. Read Jhonattan Vegas' full interview.




Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring golfer who dreams of playing golf for a living?


J.L. Lewis

J.L. Lewis: Choose the correct mentors. Make correct choices on and off the course, hang out with people you respect and admire, practice inside 100 yards 75% of the time, stay in shape, and work on your mind as much as you work on your golf game. Learn from failure but don’t let failure affect your inner drive to succeed. Always strive to get better each day. Learn to be calm at all times in all situations. Enjoy the moment. Choose a partner who is totally supportive of the tour and the lifestyle. Good luck. Read J.L. Lewis' full interview.


Omar Uresti


Omar Uresti: Try and enjoy the process as much as possible. You’re going to put pressure on yourself and feel the pressure from everybody else at Tour Q-School.  Try to ignore it and do your own thing, do whatever makes you the most comfortable. Read Omar Uresti's full interview.





Q: When playing in a tournament which determines so much, what helps you to stay calm and focused?


Gabe Reynolds: Perspective. I have a great life. I am so lucky to be married to the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I have so much support from family and friends that no one golf shot is too big to face. When I am competing, though, I find that good deep breaths are a golfer’s best friend. Read Gabe Reynold's full interview.


Wes Short


Wes Short, Jr.: It helps to have a distraction like going to the movies. Also, don't over-practice; Tour Q-School is a long week. Get plenty of rest. Read Wes Short, Jr.'s full interview.







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