Playing the PGA TOUR


By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer


November 2009



People often comment that living the dream of being a PGA TOUR golfer is the best occupation in the world. This statement is true, especially when performing at a high level. To fully enjoy the thrill of success a golfer needs to know what components are necessary and how to execute each one.


The physical and mental grind of the PGA TOUR is demanding and requires a desire that is unflappable for a player to achieve their potential. To correctly balance the physical, mental, and emotional wear and tear of traveling and playing golf against the best competition is no small feat.



The body takes a pounding from the constant travel, walking seven miles a day, and making several thousand golf swings each week. To keep the body in top shape a healthy diet, workout, stretching and rehabilitation schedule is very important. Having a trainer, physical therapist, masseuse, sports medicine professional, and an acupuncturist are a few methods of healing and preventing injuries. A healthy body is paramount for a golfer to compete on a consistent basis against the best players.


Mental and Emotional

To live the dream and win on the PGA TOUR, being mentally and emotionally strong is a reality that has to be attained. The constant stress of having to play well to keep the job is a huge challenge. Methods for improving your mental capabilities include consulting with life coaches and sports psychologists as well as listening to positive affirmations or practicing yoga. Practice of these or other forms of mental and spiritual advancement can lead to remarkable results.



Each week on the PGA TOUR 155 golfers begin on Thursday with the hope of winning. At the conclusion of Fridays round, the top 70 and ties make the cut to play on Saturday and Sunday. There will be one winner and the top 25 finishers will make a good profit for the week. The next 45 places will make enough money to cover their expenses, and those who missed the cut will receive no winnings. Over half of the players each week will lose money. Some players have endorsement contracts to help offset expenses. These facts, along with the traveling lifestyle on the PGA TOUR adds to the strain that players must be able to perform under.


Players who exhibit the physical, mental, and emotional proficiency to handle the pressure will prevail. For those players who find the formula to play their best and execute successfully, the life of the PGA TOUR player is second to none.



November edition of News from J.L. Sports, LLC