4 Golf Exercise Drills to Improve Scoring


By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Player


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January 2010



Below are some great golf exercises and golf tips for beginners and golf pros alike. I have found these tips to be effective during practice.



1) Chipping Tip: Ten Finger Golf Grip Drill

Practice pitching and chipping with a ten finger grip. This allows for proper rotation of the golf club and promotes keeping the triangle formed at address throughout the swing. A ten finger grip will eliminate shots hit fat or thin.




JL Lewis Ten Finger Grip Tip

Ten Finger Grip


2) 3/4 Golf Swing Tip

Work on 3/4 swing shots by gripping down on the club and keeping the arms in front of the body on the downswing. This drill will improve timing on full shots, which is a key to consistent ball striking. 


3) Swing Tip: Trajectory Drill

Practice with the ball forward in the stance and back in the stance to create different trajectories. This leads to distance control and better scoring in various conditions.


Forward Stance

Forward in Stance


Back in Stance










Back in Stance


4) Putting Tip: Alignment Drill

Putt with a three inch line on the ground directly behind the ball on six foot putts.
Make sure the line is pointed to the intended starting line. Being lined up correctly increases confidence and develops a stroke that starts the ball on the intended line and makes focusing on speed easier during the stroke.



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