Choosing the Best Golf Equipment


By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Player


Steps to choosing the best golf equipment to improve your golf game!


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February 2010



       Being properly fitted for golf equipment is very important for maximizing potential as a golfer. Follow these steps to choose the best golf equipment for you.


Step 1: Golf Club Shaft

First, it is essential to find the correct shaft to give you the most distance and accuracy. 


Step 2: Golf Club Heads

The next step is to find club heads that provide the playability qualities of trajectory control as well as enough forgiveness for your playing ability level. 


Step 3: Golf Grip

Once the shaft and club head have been chosen, select a grip that matches your hand size and finger length.


Step 4: Golf Ball

The last step is choosing the golf ball. Spin rate is key to attaining the most distance and accuracy in all conditions. 


Beginners Golf: Equipment Tips

All of these factors can be easily determined at your local club fitting center and perfected by you through experimenting on the course. The majority of golfers play with equipment that does not fit them. All golfers need to check their equipment on a regular basis to make sure they are on the right track. A regular club fitting will also show any recent changes in your set up and swing that may be affecting your game. To play your best golf go to a club fitting center and get an evaluation. If you have a club or clubs that you consistently strike well, then replicate the specs of your favorite clubs throughout all of the clubs in your set.



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