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Designed to help you practice and play like a PGA TOUR pro, the Pocket Pro edition of GOLF TIPS FROM THE TOUR is truly unique. This handy full-color pocket guide, the same size as a yardage book, puts the fundamentals and most effective drills and fixes right at your fingertips.


Arranged in sequential order to correctly prepare you for the game and improve play on the course, these tips keep you focused, and allow for application and results in a matter of minutes. Featuring more than 130 tour-tested tips, this 4x6 pocket guide is great for golfers of all levels and is a terrific companion for anyone wishing to improve their game.


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Excerpts from the GOLF TIPS FROM THE TOUR


About the author


J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with 25 years of experience as a teacher and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR wins and over 7.5 million dollars in tournament winnings. One of his greatest assets is his ability to relate to golfers of all ages and ability levels. J.L. enjoys sharing information about the game of golf and believes the most important responsibility of a PGA Golf Professional is to teach and promote the game of golf. J.L. currently resides in Austin Texas with his wife Dawn and his children, Cole and Sherry Lewis.




I began writing these tips for our son, Cole, to help him improve his golf game in May of 2008, by June there were over 800 golf tips. My thinking during this process was that I have a lot of experience in competition and I should pass that experience on to our son and anybody else that may be interested in improving their golf game. If there is a specific problem or area that that could use improvement, go to that section and practice one tip at a time. Personally, I enjoy reading the tips periodically to reinforce and subconsciously ingrain the fundamentals and ideas I have worked on and have been successful with throughout the years. It is my vision for golfers of all levels to easily comprehend and apply this information as needed to improve their golf games. The game of golf has been very good to me and I hope these golf tips help to promote and improve an already great game!




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"I have had the privilege of playing golf with J.L. Lewis.  Reading the POCKET PRO is a constant review and instant reminder of the instruction I received on the course with J.L.  My scores have steadily improved.  I was shooting in the high 80s; now I shoot in the high 70s and I’m playing the best golf of my life." – Hart Peterson





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